Wednesday, 6 January 2021

yoga horoscopes for feel free yoga

my friend daisy, of feel free yoga, requested that i write a series of horoscopes to accompany her healing feeling offering for the end of 2020 - and i was honoured! i also did it in exchange for her creating some gentle yoga practices for me, which i am grateful for. i haven't had the experience of exchanging skills in this way and it's very fulfilling. if anyone reading this would like an informal reading, and is good at massages and bodywork - hmu. 

it was an precious opportunity to bring astrology into the body. i often think about the textures and sensations that i associate with the different signs -- the different qualities that fire, earth, air, and water can hold. the elemental aspect of astrology can feel the most magic. weaving a kind of tactile poetry with each chart. here are the horoscopes i wrote for the eclipse season and the final full moon of the year. 

lunar eclipse in gemini:

the lunar eclipse in gemini feels like a vibrant burst within us. when we understand gemini through the lens of the bodymind — our bodies and minds are inextricable, they are one — our physical sensations become information, data to receive. just as we are one, we are also split: our two hands know separate things. how can we become more ambidextrous? how can we play with our different sides of ourselves?

when we play with different sides of ourselves, we might also be more open to the different sides of others, the new faces, playing off each other. banter, sharing links, ant emoji react, sending memes. taking up new postures. doing something silly, just because. being controversial for fun. being a troll. locating humour in the body: what relaxes? 

gemini energy can help us move through depths with almost unnerving ease. the twins help us get unstuck with their contradictions of laughter and sadness. can you laugh and cry at the same time? how can holding multitudes be a part of your embodied practice? lunar eclipses are moments of release and change, and in gemini, it might ask you to be mutable, receptive, open to the data. we might learn that healing flows from radical receptivity to truth, as much as it flows from truth telling. we hold many stories, many bits of knowledge, yet to be synthesised and understood. in moments of change, we might learn to stretch ourselves to hold things we don’t yet understand. we might breathe into our twin lungs to remind us of our capacity to hold. feeling the lightness of air might help us surrender easily. 

solar eclipse in sagittarius:

this solar eclipse in sagittarius comes towards the end of a harder year for many. we might have been forced to confront realities. we’re less naïve, less sheltered. in that space of the unknown, however, sometimes we can reshape our philosophies, to encompass both difficulty and possibility. we can find a new way of embodying hope. how do we share that hope? how do we communicate our faith to each other? 

where is spiritual trust felt? is there a part of you that unflinchingly believes that despite everything, things will be ok? faith is often inspired by wonder, by beautiful coincidence, or by gratitude. learning to see these moments and remember them—to call on them when faith becomes shaky—is a core sagittarian principle. optimism comes from remembering, from refusing to discount every act of love and courage you see. we can also build a practice of strengthening faith in ourselves by being grateful for our own acts of love, and our own beautiful intentions. 

this is how we learn to expand and grow even in hardship. we can grow through adjustment to hard truths, but we can also learn to shine, enthuse, stretch our realms of possibility. we can take an open stance to our dreams. we can know that as long as we are all embers drifting from the same fire—love lying at the centre—we will return to each other. our dreams are not individual: embodying your own hope will spark hope in others. the breath stokes those embers, glowing brighter with each flow of air.

full moon in cancer: 

the moon is home in cancer, and the full moon seeks to release those amplified lunar energies. timed with the end of the gregorian year—a time where we usually reflect on what has passed and hope for what will come—a wave of emotion may ensue. we may have feelings about what is home to us, where we feel comfortable, who we are attached to. how have our emotional attachments helped us feel safe, in a year that has meant insecurity for many people? what is our relationship to emotional intimacy and nurturance — do we shy from it, do we hunger for it?

like water, eroding our edges and filtering through our bodies, emotional memories have forged their ways into our flesh. water is said to have a memory—rivers expand and contract along the same grooves. some memories are recent, others are ancestral ripples. what are you carrying at the end of this year? does it feel heavy or light? can you envision a way to feel emotions in a way that keeps the river flowing, the ocean waves breaking and receding only to wash over us again? what kind of rhythms do your emotions follow? where do you feel your emotions releasing?

water is life, and water heals. a cancer full moon reminds us that the basic necessity in this world is love. our gratitude to the land for feeding us, our gratitude to fresh water for keeping us alive, our gratitude to those who hold us and keep us safe. our respect for the ongoing cycles of life, from month to month: sad days, joyful days, peaceful days, anxious days. throughout it all, we can learn to be present to ourselves and others, and pay attention to how we give care. medicine can come in the form of a light touch to the hand, closing your eyes and caressing your own heart, resting your head on another’s shoulder. what kinds of postures help you open to love, and also, to our own vulnerability and the unknown? where in your body do you feel wisdom? water slows, water cools, water calms. there is a voice inside all of us that speaks to us lovingly, and with no urgency. in our breath, and in our quiet practice, we might contact the most ancient parts of us. love has all the time in the world to unfold.


i had an idea of creating a kind of meditative rhythm according to the shifts of the moon sign, guiding focus to different themes and areas: 

fire: livelihood/energy, motivation 

air: breath, emptiness and clarity of mind

water: lovingkindness, welcoming and releasing emotion

earth: grounding, noticing body sensations

how cute would that be? sometimes astrology and transits are helpful simply in how they create a structure you can use to organise and design habits (my virgo rising says). in some ways astrology is just another kind of calendar, and another kind of weather. it's a calendar that measures in 13 different units of time at once, allowing us to live in multiple rhythms. for now, i want to live closer to the moon, respecting fluctuation - but many people suit different patterns, sometimes preferring the sun's steady glow. astrology pointing to the body is another way we can figure out what our own particular rhythms are, and how to care for our bodies in their specificity.

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